The Best NHL Nicknames

Hockey is a game capable of creating a special bond between the players and the fans. When fans are endeared to a player it is common for them to give such a player a special name which is the sign of their love for the player. Different factors play a role in creating a player’s […]

The Best Players in the NHL in Recent Time

The National Hockey League, NHL, is an organisation of professional ice hockey teams in the North American region. It was formed in 1917, and at the time, it involved only four Canadian teams. As time went by, it incorporated more teams and now has over thirty teams that play for the Stanley Cup. These teams […]

Welcome to the Club

If you are reading this, we assume you are an NHL fan, or you are curious about the NHL. Whatever it may be, we are glad to have your attention and we are pleased to welcome you to the NHL interactive blog which will provide you all the latest news, insights, titbits, and development in […]